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„Just over a month into my trip and I wonder how I’ve changed. Certainly the experiences I’ve had and things I’ve seen have shaped me in some way. It is helpful to see the world as a whole and to reassess and understand coherences. These adventures bring cognition and understanding.”

Martin Köppert

My name is Martin.

Professionally, I work as a restructuring manager and I am not a trained photographer. Traveling and discovering foreign countries and cultures is my great passion. Seven years ago, I had to say, „I’ve been in many countries, but I’ve seen few.“ Since then, I’ve gradually downsized my professional activities, step by step, increasing my passion for traveling and photography made my second great passion.

To date, I have been in about 93 countries, have captured about 40 with my cameras and photographically documented and annually come to another 6-10 countries. I travel individually according to specially created travel plans, usually with a rental car (SUV 4×4) with driver and go to the most remote places, if it is interesting there.

My hobbies are traveling, taking pictures, tasting wine, cooking and I´m also very into architecture.
I’m an admirer of cultures and adventures and I’m always seeking to know more. I’m still learning about the world outside my door.

I travel to several countries and I take pictures of monuments and architecture, people of all over the world, fascinating landscapes and even wildlife and street art.

The best thing in my opinion about photography is that you meet friendly people and see beautiful places from all around the world. I love to travel and my passion is to capture moments through a lens. Every instant of my life is for me very special. But a few moments are just more special than others. I´m also amazed of every small detail a photo consists of.

People that see my pictures need to be reminded of the beautiful world that we live in and they need to be reminded that we must enjoy the beauty of it every day.

In Photography passion plays a huge role. I can take in one week a picture of a beautiful building, spectacular animals, or of an amazing sunset but I can also take pictures of the dirty streets, small villages or old buildings. It all amazes me because of the emotion and the meaning of those pictures.

I often visit a market to enjoy the colours, to hear the locals, to smell and taste the home-made food, to get to know the way of living of the hospitable people of the region. It feels very authentic and has a perfect mix. Those are the little things that give me great pleasure. I am live in the thick of it and happens a lot so that I have to decide quickly which pictures are more important at the moment

I will continue to travel more around the world – “so long my legs carry me” and capture those special moments of our world in that we live in. To travel, to enjoy the nature and to stay humble are important things I will try to do.