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2019 august: Albania - Barat - Osum Canyon - Sevran Gorge - Lengarica Gorge - Permät

From Tirana we drove via Barat, the Osum Canyon, the Sevran Gorge to the Lengarica Gorge in the south of the country. 

The landscape along the Osum River and the Osum Gorge is unique. Up to 100 m deep, the Osum River has worked its way through the rock for thousands of years.

At Lopan we crossed the Osum river and drove on an off-road track along the Savran gorge. A completely different landscape opens up. We passed beautiful mountain scenery, eroded rocks, mountain lakes and old originally preserved small villages along this scenic section.
Before we visited our night quarters in Permät, we drove to the Lengarica Gorge at the end of the day.