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2019 June: Bolivia Salar de Uyuni

The next place in our itinerary was the salt lake "Salar de Uyunai" for the next two days. The journey there took more than 600 km of a super good asphalt road (of which only the last 100 km were gravel roads) to the village of Salina Garcia Mendoza, which is situated at the northern end of the lake, a super isolated village.

There are few accommodations in the place, very simple but with very friendly hosts. It was very cold there as the temperature often reached freezing point. The place is far from the main tourist route and the busy cities of Cochrane and Uyuni, but it is a good starting point to explore the salt lake. The sunrise with the Tunupa volcano in the background, Isla Pescada and Isla Incahuasi are just some of the attractions. Blue skies, giant cactus, a white and salty surface of the lake in the background make both islands so unique and panoramically beautiful.