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2019 October: Colombia – Guajira Desert (Desierto de La Guajira)

The first destination in the Guajira desert was Cabo de la Vela. On the peninsula, people still live almost exclusively from the Wayuu indigenous group.

Cabo de la Vela

Some people advised us in advance not to enter this peninsula and warned us about the Wayuu. But this is what people do everywhere where myths and stories are told. I only met nice and very hospitable people there, as well as almost all the traditional indigenous ethnic groups I had visited before. We spent the night in a hostel called Mar y Sol and for a change we were the only ones there. The hostess was very kind and helped me to find a suitable village in this area, as well as the one later on in the far north near Punta Gallina.

Punta Gallina

We spent the last two days in Punta Gallina and made a small 4 hours trip in a small fishing boat. It was a really fantastic and beautiful place and also with very friendly people.