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2019 July: Peru - Penisula de Paracas / Isla Ballestas

We left Lima very early with the destination of the Paracas Peninsula. The road along the Pacific coast took us through small fishing villages like Pucusana, where we could see fishermen unloading their night catches at the port. In the early afternoon and after 250 km, we reached the Paracas Peninsula. After the first orientation we drove to the port.

The plan for the next day was a boat trip to the Ballestas and Sagastan islands to take pictures of the penguins, pelicans, sea lions and other sea birds living there.
It was not easy to rent a boat outside of the guided tours. After some failed attempts we found a fisherman who, although not cheap, managed to make this tour exactly as I wanted. We got up very early to start. It was impressive to observe and to photograph this biodiversity.